Alexandra Larsson

Alexandra Larsson at public event

Larsson (who also has a twin brother) was born in a small town in Sweden, and moved to Argentina in approximately 2008 to study Spanish. She first worked in a call center, and after some auditions she landed her first television appearance in 2011, on Sábado Bus hosted by Nicolás Repetto.

On January 2012, the participated the TV program Conexiones interviewing show business people and athletes in Canal 13.

Starting in April 2012, she appeared on Bailando 2012 from Showmatch (the Argentine version of Dancing with the Stars), a television program high ratings in Argentina, which greatly increased her popularity. She has also appeared on Periodismo para todos.

On October 2012, she participated in charity event M5K Las Mujeres Corremos organized by McDonalds along with other mainstream Argentine artists.

She credits her slim figure in part to her restricted diet, caused by having celiac disease.

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