Irene Larsen

Cover of Genie magazine featuring Irene Larsen

From the Magicpedia:

Irene Larsen (born September 25, 1936) is the Honorary President for Life for the Academy of Magical Arts and is affectionately known as "Princess Irene," a stage name she was given by her first husband, magician John Daniel.

She was born in Steuhlingen, Germany near Siegfried Fischbacher (although never met him until years later).

Irene's career in magic started by chance when, in 1965, she attended a magic show in Germany and was asked on stage by magician John Daniel. One year later she arrived in America, married Daniel and became involved with Owen Magic, a manufacturer of magic products. She toured the school circuit with Daniel and after that, with Daniel and Bob Towner.

She married Bill Larsen Jr. on on November 10, 1963. She performed with him on "The Dean Martin Show" with Orson Welles.

In later years Irene and Bill become co-editors of Genii magazine.

She is an animal right's activist and advocate for women magicians.

Irene is the mother of three children, including Dante (with John Daniel), Heidi and Erika.

Princess Irene passed away peacefully this morning at her home at Brookledge February 25, 2016.