The Irascible Matthias Towle, Sr.

Matthias Towle was my eighth great uncle whose branch joined into the Larsson tree when Anna Towle married patriot Daniel Page.  There are a lot of great stories to be uncovered in this branch of the family, but I will just add this one uncovered in the comments section of The First Families of Raymond:

“I found Matthias Sr. to be a very interesting character. None of the genealogies give much biographical detail on him. He was a tanner by trade. He was apparently physically quite strong and not afraid to use his strength. He was charged with assault for fighting with another man — the other man was on horseback and he was on the ground! He still managed to yank the fellow of his horse and administered a sound thrashing. Of course, he wound up paying a fine for his behavior, but somehow I think he probably felt it was worth it. He was constantly in court — either suing or being sued. I haven’t been able to go through all of the court records yet. There may be some more interesting tidbits in the ones I haven’t seen.” (Bagnell, Clark, personal correspondance, Fall 1999).