Wendell Rollins, an Olympian (and Distant Relative)

Peloton at 1948 Summer Olympics

When I have reached a dead-end while researching my family's roots, one of my last steps is to simply google the person's name.  When I first started exploring, this technique led me to an online genealogy of a distant relative in Sweden which filled in a great deal of the family beyond Great Grandpa Olof's voyage across the Atlantic.  On a few occasions, it has surprised me with some amazing facts about my family members.

Epilogue for George A. Page

This past Memorial Day, I wrote about my 4th Great Uncle who died during the Civil War.  Genealogy leaves a lot of gaps in the story that I can only guess at, but often there is is enough to glean some feeling of what an ancestor's life might have been like.  In George's case, I see a life of a patriotic and loyal young man who probably had some high points in his life before he met a probably unpleasant end in a field hospital in Illinois.