Grandpa Victor and his Father Otto

I don't remember my grandfather very well.  He passed away when I was just  six.  I have just a few memories of places we went and things we did together, like a summer picnic at state park, an outing to a backwoods pond, or reading a book on camping on the floor as he sat in his easy chair and read whatever adults read.  He left a strong impression however, as a serious man.  I got the same impression from my Great Uncle Harold sometimes, too.

John Augustus Larson

John Larson portrait

From Wikipedia:

John Augustus Larson was a Police Officer for Berkeley, California, United States, and famous for his invention of modern polygraph used in forensic investigations. He was the first American police officer having an academic doctorate and to use polygraph in criminal investigations.  After a famed career in criminal investigation, he died of heart attack in Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 72.