Civil War

Epilogue for George A. Page

This past Memorial Day, I wrote about my 4th Great Uncle who died during the Civil War.  Genealogy leaves a lot of gaps in the story that I can only guess at, but often there is is enough to glean some feeling of what an ancestor's life might have been like.  In George's case, I see a life of a patriotic and loyal young man who probably had some high points in his life before he met a probably unpleasant end in a field hospital in Illinois. 

In Memory of George A. Page

George Andrew Page portrait

The first bit of genealogy records that got me started on the Larsson family was a collection hand written by my grandmother Dora.  I believe she was researching her connection to American Revolution veteran Daniel Page in support of her application to the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Daniel Page survived the war, married, and had two sons and at least sixteen grandchildren when he passed away in 1847.